Three principles of being Deviant

Define your purpose
Deviating from the curve goes well beyond contrarianism or being different for different sake. It is about a radical authenticity. It is about insights and understanding, not productivity. It is about a thoughtful and founded purpose. But his has to be yours and yours alone. It is why you exist and what role you play in the world. It is not something you fabricate or construct. It is something you unearth and discover – the difference you seek to make. It is where the inspiration comes.
Deviation = iteration + optimization
Deviating from the curve is not an end state. It is not a discrete decision or a process with a clear and tidy beginning, middle and end. Deviating from the curve is a way of being. A way of working. A way of managing. It never stops. It never achieves stasis because the middle of the bell curve is constantly shifting – the norm/medium is constantly redefining itself. Deviating from that curve is a constant effort, a constant battle against the gravitational pull of the middle. This requires continuous advancement and evolution. Disrupting what has worked in the past. Challenging that which has become a given. It means being the kind of individual, organization, brand or idea that is constantly open to change. Zero stasis.
who you are is what you do
Deviating from the curve has nothing to do with rhetoric. It has to do with action. What you do. The acts that you, your brand, your organization take. The behaviors. It is a way of life – a lived purpose. It is manifest in every decision. Every output. It transcends culture, organizations, ideas and executions.  And it measured against the Curve.
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