Get to know the deviant himself

Michael d'Antonio

Michael D’Antonio is a growth and improvement advocate, providing thought leadership to various groups and individuals. His practice is founded on the simple belief that thought provocation and pushing ourselves farther is how we make the world a better place. In a sea of sameness, D’Antonio enables entrepreneurs, organizations and leaders to stand for something different – and ultimately – to make a positive difference.

Part visionary and part pragmatist, D’Antonio personifies a true entrepreneurial spirit. He learned business from the ground up – a self-made polymath who understands how to conceptualize and create. From vision to values, strategy to structure, competition to culture, marketing to maturing, he has helped many organizations establish their Purpose and thrive.

As a pioneer in various industries, a venture capitalist, an advisor, a strategic planning consultant and a brand expert, D’Antonio possesses an unconventional combination of business and cultural insights – holistic and tactical approaches - analytical and creative vision. Along with the invaluable experience of successes and failures, his perspective is rooted in an emotional intelligence.

Instinctive and purposeful, D’Antonio is driven by that which lives outside the norm. He has discovered common denominators that exist across enterprise, society and individual people. He has identified barriers and boundaries that limit our thinking, our actions, and our behavior. And he has used these inputs to develop a different platform: to advance movement - to achieve better outcomes - to make rare, accepted - to make extraordinary, common.
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