What if being different
made all the difference.

We are taught from birth to be normal.

To think and act like everyone else.

We are taught to avoid conflict.

And to seek the path that is easiest and safest.

We learn the way it has always been is most often the way it remains.

We are continuously pushed toward the middle.

Toward sameness.

Toward the safety of the herd.

There is a flow toward the center.

An inertia that drives a palpable standardization of ideas and behavior.

It is why bell curves exists.

It is how the bell curve exists.

Yet all successful people, companies, organizations, brands and ideas have, in some meaningful way – deviated from the curve.

Pushed against the middle. Provoked discomfort. Emerged outside the curve.

Because that is where innovations lives.

Where change exists.

And where progress is forged.

copyright @2017-2021 Michael D’Antonio. All rights reserved. Detroit, Michigan. Strategic Planning and Brand Development.